ru pi   ka ur

4 ottobre 1992
queen of the 'instapoets'  


it takes grace
to remain kind
in cruel situations




your mother
is in the habit of
offering more love
than you can cary

your father is absent

you are a war
the border between two countries
the collateral damage
the paradox that joins the two
but also splits them apart
pag 32  -rupi kaur

the thing about having
an alcoholic parent
is an alcoholic parent
does not exist.
an alcoholic
who could not stay sober
long enough to raise their kids




your name is

the strongest

positive and negative

connotation in any language

it either lights me up or

leaves me aching for days

pag 67  -rupi kaur




you must
want to spend
the rest of your life
with yourself



milk and honey

punjabi  ਰੂਪੀ ਕੌਰ  -  october 4, 1992 - queen of the  i n s t a p o e t s

the term 'insta poet' is often touted when describing rupi.    i asked what her thoughts were .   she responded :

. it depends on the connotation, there's some people that have used it positively because they're like :  'oh this is incredible because i never read poetry but feel this in my heart and i saw it through a platform that i used all the time' - and then there's the other consideration where  :   'this is insta poetry and not real poetry' - that's interesting because i think it's demeaning to my readers.   many of whom are young women .
stephanie pak - arcadia magazine - fb/rk 17.10.2018


Kaur was born into a Sikh family in Punjab, India. She immigrated to Canada with her parents when she was four years old. Unable to speak English with other children at her school, Kaur was inspired by her mother to draw and paint. She would write poems to her friends on their birthdays and messages to her middle school crushes. She attended Turner Fenton Secondary School.
Kaur studied rhetoric and professional writing at the University of Waterloo. Later, she and her family moved to Brampton.   She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.  -

nella scrittura di rupi kaur non ci sono maiuscole

omaggio alla sua prima lingua, il gurmukhi, considerato sacro :  nella scrittura gurmukhi tutte le lettere sono trattate allo stesso modo.   

mi piace questa semplicità.    questa simmetria e questo andare sempre avanti.    è una rappresentazione visuale di quello che vorrei vedere più spesso nel mondo:    uguaglianza. per proteggere questi piccoli dettagli della mia lingua li includo in quest’altra lingua .
Milk and honey è diviso in quattro parti o fasi  :  the hurting-il ferire, the loving-l’amare, the breaking-lo spezzare, the healing-il guarire.
mio padre una volta mi ha detto che il miele è l’unica cosa che non muore. non importa da quanto tempo è in quel barattolo, dieci anni o cento, il miele, nel suo stato naturale e grezzo, vive per sempre, e penso che sia semplicemente la cosa più bella ...

trovi che il messaggio della poesia sia potenziato o annacquato dal mezzo social network ?
La questione si può vedere da due punti di vista del tutto diversi. Da una parte i social network potenziano immensamente il messaggio, non credo che - almeno dove vivo io, in Canada - la comunità letteraria sarebbe disposta ad apprezzare un libro come il mio milk and honey, perché non lo sente come proprio.    È un libro che non ha nulla di canadese, arriva da una giovane immigrata dalla pelle marrone e quindi passerebbe sotto silenzio se non avesse dalla sua parte la forza dei social network.     D’altro canto i social non sono il luogo d’elezione della comunità di chi fa letteratura:  si parla di Instapoets infatti, con un tono un po’ dispregiativo.    Il mio sforzo quindi sin dall’inizio è stato bilanciare queste due forze:   far accettare la mia poesia dalla comunità degli addetti ai lavori e degli scrittori e al tempo stesso diffonderla tra il grande pubblico attraverso i nuovi media .

She inherited her love of art from her mother and began drawing and painting at five years old.   She continued her art into her teens, but at the age of seventeen began to focus more in writing and performing.

Uncomplicated and concise    Kaur’s poetry has been criticized for being too simplistic.    Parody accounts have shown up on Twitter that intend to show how easy it is to write a Rupi Kaur poem – the gist being you take any conversation, format it in all lowercase and insert random line breaks.

With almost 2 million followers, Kaur has made her straightforward poetry about love, heartbreak and womanhood a global sensation .
shannon carlin -

- classifica dei primi dieci poeti piu venduti in america 2017   :   1a - rupi kaur

- CLASSIFICA ITALIA 2017-2018  :  3A RUPI KAUR - - 2018


stiamo morendo
fin da quando siamo qui
scordando di goderci il panorama
. vivere appieno - pag 82

eri mio
e la mia vita era piena
non sei più mio
e la mia vita
è piena
pag 83




hai portato il sole con te
pag 35

abbandonare la sua terra
non fu facile per mia madre
ancora la sorprendo a cercarla
nei film stranieri
e nel reparto cibi esotici
pag 123

non piango per infelicità
piango perchè pur avendo tutto
sono infelice

pag 98

the sun and her flowers
il sole e i suoi fiori

ho teso la mano verso l'ultimo mazzo di fiori
che mi hai regalato
e che ora appassivano nel vaso
li ho decapitati
e mangiati
pag 15


ho detto ai fiori
cosa farei per te
e sono sbocciati
pag 176

quando nevica
bramo l'erba
quando cresce l'erba
la calpesto
quando le foglie cambiano colore
imploro fiori
quando sbocciano fiori
li colgo
. ingrata - pag 74


when snow falls
i long for grass
when grass grows
i walk all over it
when leaves change color
i beg for flowers
when flowers bloom
i pick them

VIDEO  -  rupi kaur on her process in creating illustrations for her poems  -  rupi kaur performs the poem fingers from her book the sun and her flowers   -  i'm taking my body back  -  intervista - 2018  -  rupi kaur reads timeless from her poetry collection the sun and her flowers - 2018


the sun and her flowers all yours.   it has been an absolute honour to design this hardcover.   i wanted to create a beautiful memory that spoke to what’s inside #thesunandherflowers. something i’d be proud to see on your bookshelves.    i hope you’ll enjoy having it as much as i enjoyed making it for you .

fb/rk - 23.10.2018


i won't let go cause
being alone hurts more
than chasing someone who's left
but if you've left
aren't i already alone
and surviving it
- rupi kaur


bees came for honey
flowers giggled as they
undressed themselves
for the taking
the sun smiled
the second birth -rupi kaur

the sun and her flowers


you might not have been my first love
but you were the love that made
all the other loves
- rupi kaur



it isn't what we left behind
that breaks me
its what we could've built
had we stayed

- rupi kaur

there is
nothing left
to worry about
the sun and her flowers are here
- rupi kaur

perhaps i don't deserve
nice things cause i am
paying for sins i don't
- rupi kaur



like the rainbow
after the rain
joy will reveal itself
after sorrow
16.11.2018 - twitter 



trust your body
it reacts to right and wrong
better than your mind does

it is speaking to you - rupi kaur
pag 212 the sun and the flowers

today on #worldmentalhealthday i reflect on my own experiences with anxiety and depression.
it is the most difficult thing i’ve gone through. i reflect on the experiences of my parents and friends. i’ve seen how their lives and minds can deteriorate without proper care. many of us come from communities where “mental health” doesn’t exist and we are told depression can be cured with positive thinking and by keeping your head up. our experiences are intersectional so it’s impossible for me to encapsulate all my thoughts in one caption but i want to say: even when you feel most alone. especially when you feel most alone. you must remember we are right here with you. reach out to friends and family. friends and family i need you to reach out to those who you think are suffering and let them know you are on standby for support. to listen and let them be heard. together we can teach each other. and overcome diseases that are now one of the leading causes of death in our world.
sending all my love and light to you my beautiful people.
- rupi
when i woke up
the sun fell to the ground and rolled away
flowers beheaded themselves
all that's left alive here is me
and i barely feel like living
. depression is a shadow living inside me - rupi kaur
fb/rk - 11.10.2018


truth be told i felt a little bad about touring across the states and leaving my home out of it.

also your guilt tripping worked wonders. the amount of comments i got from angry canadians (and it takes a lot for us to get angry) had me so shook i knew i had to do a quick swing across canada before the holiday season. edmonton vancouver toronto you ready????? it’s about to be homecoming week dec 10-15. let’s do this ✨ presale tickets go on sale november 12 at 10 am local time. the presale code is sunflowers
fb/rk - 9.11.2018


last week i landed in japan for a long overdue personal trip and i have to express my gratitude to this sacred land and its warm people.

it has been such an incredible experience to be enriched in a culture so very different from my own.    i am learning a lot and enjoying the space.    the cities.    the villages.     the food.   oh my god the food.     it is magnificent !!!     i’m in awe of many things here and can’t wait to share them with you over the next weeks.     here is a page from the japanese edition of  ‘milk and honey’ . it feels fitting to share this poem because the illustration was an interpretation of ’the great wave off kanagawa’  a famous world renowned woodblock print by the japanese artist hokusai.   it’s been one of my favourite pieces of art since i was a little girl and now to be here.    in the place where it began is humbling.

p.s.    it’s 11 a.m. right now and a delicious cup of coffee and fluffy japanese pancakes await me in one of these bustling osaka streets .     i hope you’re taking care of yourselves.    can’t wait to share more.    if you have any must see/must do items  -    leave them in the comments !     i love you.
fb/rk - 16.11.2018

i am water
soft enough
to offer life
tough enough
to drown it away
-rupi kaur







anche se le si separa

finiscono per riunirsi

non si possono separare gli amanti

per quanto

le strappi con la pinzetta

le mie sopracciglia trovano

sempre la strada

per stare insieme

. monosopracciglio

the sun and her flowers - il sole e i suoi fiori - pag 217

4 ottobre -  auguri !

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